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Internet Blackmail

Porn blackmail email scam legal advice

Porn blackmail email scamming is doing the rounds again

Online criminals seek different ways of trying to extort money from you and porn blackmail email scamming is rife. There is a low barrier of entry in a commodity attack of porn blackmail email scamming and online criminals don’t need any hacking skills to pull off the scamming. Stolen data is available online that may have come from previous thefts from old breaches from Yahoo, Dropbox and LinkedIn, and these blackmailing emails spark up enough panic in order for it to be worth it to them.

Blackmail And Extortion Of Men On Internet

UPDATE TO Grooming Of Men On The Internet. Seriously…..

Further to the warning issued by Yair Cohen in March 2011, this is the latest  ALERT:

We have recently been instructed by a number of men who have fallen victim to an advanced honey trap set by a gang operating in various online chat rooms, targeting men over 40 years old.  In particular, this has been emanating from the Lycos 40+ chat room

The traps appear to involve attractive Eastern European or Middle Eastern women, whose online profile/account is up to 3 days old.

Blackmail Of Men On The Internet

I am sorry to be indiscreet about this sensitive subject but it looks as if this terrible matter is starting to become an issue for a growing number of men of all different economic and academic backgrounds, who get caught in what appears to be a sting operation which could potentially scar them for life.  I have seen families falling apart, and men having to move to a different town and even acquire a new identity.

Chances are that this is the first time you are hearing about this issue and that what is to follow as you read on has no direct relevance to you at all. In fact, you might even be a woman and this story is about men being groomed online.

Blackmail on the Internet

“Children duped into undressing by chat-room blackmailers” was the headline that caught my attention in The Times, 9 August 2013.Blackmail and extortion on the internet was the topic of a blog post that I wrote back in 2011 following a spate of cases where adult victims were induced on internet chat rooms to part with private information, then to perform a sexual act which was secretly being recorded.  Shortly after, the victim would receive an email with a link to a public video, displaying their faces and private parts.

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