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Internet Law ExpertYou have to be careful with the way you are sending emails to bulk recipients. By sending it from your outlook you are running the risk that all your emails will be blacklisted, which I can tell you is a complete nightmare to experience and then fix.

Once you are suspected of sending bulk email, your email address will be blacklisted by one of a number of companies whose job is to locate ‘spammers’ and stop them from sending emails altogether. Once you get blacklisted by one company, others will follow suit.

You might then find that you are unable to send emails to any AOL, Hotmail, Google Mail, BT mail and many more. Any email sent will bounce back and will not be delivered to its intended recipient. Once blocked, it could take days to fix the problem. In the meantime, your customers will not be able to receive emails from you. A total nightmare.

If you find that your emails are bouncing back, you will need to get an IT expert to fix the problem and in some extreme cases use Internet Lawyers to take legal action. Whichever way you look at it, it is not going to be cheap. If you were to send useful information to your customers, always use a commercial programme such as Aweber (about £10 a month) or something similar where your bulk emails are being sent from an external server without any risk of your own domain being blacklisted. A programme such as Aweber will also allow recipients of your email to easily unsubscribe, making sure that your emails are only received by those who wish to receive them.

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How To Best Deal With Online Defamation

Everyone needs to have a few blogs or ‘mini websites’ on the back burner. It is like having an army of loyal soldiers, all well trained and ready to fight the enemy upon demand. These mini websites can be activated with positive content about your company as soon as you feel that a reputation attack is imminent. By populating these mini websites you will help to push any negative web pages down the search engines. Because it could take weeks and sometimes months for web pages to be indexed by the search engines, as an internet defamation lawyer, I always advise to have these blogs, or mini websites already prepared, indexed and ready to go on demand. Speak to your internet people today and ask them to create a few basic websites for you straight away, just in case….. 

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