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Online Defamation – Protecting Online Reputation

By Yair Cohen  – Internet Law Expert

‘A good reputation is worth more than gold or silver’

Age old wisdom that still rings true today. Reputation is everything. And yet the spreading of a bad reputation will cost you gold and silver, and lots of it!Internet defamation experts

There’s no doubt about it, the internet has revolutionised the way businesses generate custom; widening marketing potential, broadening client resource bases and in a nutshell, spreading the (good) word! For this reason, keeping tabs on your business online reputation cannot be prioritised highly enough. This has to include having measures at your disposal to guard off any trace of negativity. Why? Because the success of your business depends on it!

No doubt, having effective strategies in place is the key. Such strategies that I recomend as an internet lawyer  include preventative measures ensuring no defamation takes place, as well as quite literally setting all systems blazing the minute you get wind of any. Implementing reputation alarms, applying the pressure to the right people to remove the defamatory material, countering the negative material with good, and fighting for financial pay outs are all measures we are here to help you readily adopt to neutralise the damage caused, and build you up once again.

My Reputation Alarm is only one tool among many in your business arsenal. It helps to detect and alert but it must be accompanied by other measures which are ultimately aimed towards the goal of bringing you more business so that you can become more prosperous.

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