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Finde a US Internet Law Attorney

Finding a US Internet Law Attorney might not be easy, not a good one at least.

If you are trying to find  a US internet law attorney or an internet lawyer in the USA to help you obtain a US court order, stop and read this. If you what you need is a court order, a disclosure order, a subpoena or an injunction against a USA based website, then you need to make sure that your attorney knows how to litigation in England works. 

How to find a specialist internet law attorney in the USA

Like in the UK, there are many lawyers in the USA who believe that they can take on a job they are not that familiar with, and make it work. When it comes to internet law related issues, you need to be super-careful who you are instructing to handle the job of obtaining a disclosure order in the USA.

With internet law, there are just too many things that can go wrong for you to take a chance. For example, if there is a procedural error with your disclosure application, your entire case could dismissed. This could lead to aggravated attacks by the offender who will go and tell the world that you tried to take him to court and that you have failed. If your application is make out of time or outside the correct jurisdiction, you might find that you have  not only blown your changes of finding out who is being posting defamation, harassment or private information about you, but you might also discover, at the same time, that matters have been made much worse for you.

Not every attorney that you might hire to obtain a disclosure order for you in the US will have an understanding of international jurisdictional issues. In fact, only very few will have, which means that the attorney might treat your case as if it was a USA litigation rather than a UK litigation. This could result in your application for a USA disclosure order either failing or becoming useless or in the defendant claiming that you had made your choice of jurisdiction the USA, instead of England. 

If you want to be safe and more secure with you application for a disclosure order in the USA, our advice to you is to do things properly.  You don't have to use our internet law firm but at least make sure you use a law firm in England that has access to the right USA attorney for you. To contact us, call free on 0800 0800 612 7211 or send us a now through our contact USA internet attorney  page.

How to access a trusted, reliable and accountable internet law attorney to obtain a USA disclosure order for you

Internet Law Leadership Summit is a network of attorneys from the US, Canada Europe,all of which have been personally selected and invited to join. All the members of the network are internet law specialists who have been working together for some years.  Having a good attorney in the US is vitally important, if you are based, or live in the UK, and if you are required the use of the services of a US lawyer. Yair Cohen, the founder of this firm is one of only two UK solicitors who are members of the Internet Law Summit. 

Why instruct a specialist internet lawyer 

In terms of internet law, in most cases, a UK based person will require a US internet law attorney to help with obtaining disclosure orders against operators of websites and/or to bring legal proceedings for defamation or harassment which occur on the internet. Other cases where, mostly companies from the UK might require a US attorney, is where there is a need to to enforce intellectual property rights breaches, which occur in the US or to retrieve a domain name that had been stolen.

What can go wrong when you instruct a US internet law attorney when your case is handled in the UK

The risks of instructing the wrong internet law attorney to handle your internet law case are huge. An attorney who is not an exclusive internet law attorney could possibly cause irreversible reputational damage to the unsuspected client. This is in addition to charging excessive fees and to potentially messing up the case in England.

As most individuals from the UK have had little dealings with internet law US attorneys, finding and instructing the right one could be a painful task,  particularly when you consider this unfamiliar area of law and the specific jurisdictional issues that exist in the USA.

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