Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Blackmail And Extortion Of Men On Internet

The chat is always instigated by the woman who would quickly suggest a video chat.  During the video chat the issue of nakedness is raised by the woman, who routinely offers to take her top off, a few minutes into the chat. She then encourages the man to strip off naked and pleasure himself in front of the camera.

The woman captures the video on her pc and then abruptly cuts off the chat. Minutes later, she sends an internet link to her victim, for him to view the video featuring him online. This is always accompanied by a payment demand of between £300-£1,500 to be paid immediately by paypal.

We have seen evidence that failure to adhere to the extortion has resulted in an almost instantaneous viral dissemination of the video, with links appearing on popular websites such as YouTube, Blogger and

Most video host websites tend to remove the offending material once notified, but the cached pages (an image of a previously live webpage) may still appear on the internet for many months together with page titles such ‘John Smith paedophile/sex offender etc.

In most cases it is possible to speed up the process of removing cached pages but this might require expert intervention.



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