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Our history

Cohen Davis is a dedicated law firm that provides a full service to clients from all over the world, from all walks of life, with the focus entirely on internet law.

Our law firm was founded in 2013 by Yair Cohen, after 17 years of experience of internet law with Bains Cohen (now Pinder Reaux), which he also founded. It was at Bains Cohen that he set up the first internet law department in any law firm in the UK. The purpose was to create a law firm which is dedicated to helping individuals solve legal issues that they encounter by using the internet.

Training as a criminal lawyer 23 years ago, and when the internet became widely available, Yair noticed that there were few lawyers who understood the back end of the internet. So, to finance his law degree as well, Yair taught himself HTML coding and started creating websites.

The lawlessness nature of the early internet meant that victims of online wrongdoings had nowhere to turn to for legal help and certainly not a internet law firm and subsequently, Yair has been able to assist people from all walks of life, with their internet law related cases. 

Combining his pioneering spirit with his passion for technology, 6 years ago, Yair created the first UK niche law firm dedicated to the teaching, practising and development of internet law, where he takes on some of the most challenging cases and makes an impact on the lives of many regular people, whilst creating legal breakthroughs.

As Cohen Davis's internet law firm has grown, so has our personal, professional relationships with some of the best internet law attorneys who represent some of the most notorious USA based complaints websites, in almost every State in the USA, as well as some of the most prominent internet law attorneys around the world. Which means fast, friendly access to worldwide attorneys, which equals reduced risk of things going wrong and cases being dealt with swiftly, which assists with our reputation protection and rescue management cases. 

Our advice is always up to date, informed and cutting edge and how we steer our cases, depends on our client's key issues for a successful outcome.

Yair Cohen is passionate about internet law and often speaks at national and international conferences and is constantly reaching out to victims of online wrongdoings and often takes on their complex cases, regardless of their means. To be able to act for the most vulnerable, Yair has created The Cohen Davis Foundation that has helped many, otherwise demoralised clients, start their internet law related case.

In 2016, Yair wrote a book: ‘The Net is Closing - birth of the e-police’, about the future policing of the internet, where he spoke about the harsh experiences of some of his clients in the face of online lawlessness and many of the predictions in his book are turning into reality before our eyes.

Since its inception, Cohen Davis has won a number of awards, but more importantly, scores of groundbreaking rulings, setting legal precedents and making history with the cases that we have worked on.

As there isn't a school to train in internet law, Yair has created a unique in-house training programme where both trainees and experienced solicitors who previously trained in other laws, learn to become the next generation of UK Internet Lawyers.

Cohen Davis Internet Law firm's dedication to success, excellence and positive outcomes is as strong as it has even been.

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