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Super-Injunctions: Former Sun editor tight-lipped in super-injunction case – Surrey Herald.

NATIONAL newspaper columist and Weybridge resident Kelvin MacKenzie says he will not reveal his emails or text messages to a defence lawyer in a super-injunction case.

The former Sun editor got dragged into the super-injunction case between the affair of a footballer, who cannot be named, and reality television star Imogen Thomas, after revealing on BBC Radio 4’s Today show he received emails and texts from readers asking to tell them the names of celebrities using injunctions to protect their privacy.

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How Can I Remove Defamatory Websites

In the past few weeks we removed over 40 defamatory websites, which up until then, devastated our clients’ reputation.

We removed a vast number of defamatory videos from You Tube and we managed to remove a popular, yet defamatory article against a successful businessman from a national news website.

We sought and won injunctions against YouTube, Google Inc, Firefox and other internet giants around the world and successfully enforced them all in the UK, the USA, Canada and other countries.

We gave one decent, hard-working online retailer his business back following savage online reputation attacks against him and his company by competitors.

We advised a client who owns an international franchise company on how to deal with online attacks by a former employee. These constant attacks were estimated to have cost the company in excess of £300,000!

We have also helped the owners of a national services company to form their first ever online reputation strategy following a devastating online reputation attack against them by both a competitor and a former employee, which cost them their biggest contact.

Last month, we brought solutions to an ever growing number of vulnerable people following online reputation attacks against them. We devised creative and cost effective solutions. Some of these individuals thought that it would cost them a fortune to stop these online attacks on their reputation, but pleasantly enough for them, many of them were completely surprised.
The full solution to their online reputation problem was handed to them during an initial consultation, which meant that they needed not spend any money with us, save for their investment of £93 in the initial consultation.

Other individuals saw their problem quickly disappearing following a well drafted and extremely effective letter (sometimes 2), which we sent on their behalf.
Other individuals, who were on the verge of giving up and who came to us with serious online reputation problems, sometimes following years of attacks on their reputation online, finally found that no reputation issue, as big as it might be, is beyond our competence.

But we also brought to them solutions for any future problems. To prevent the problem from repeating itself, we created a unique tool that gives them early alerts of any posts about them on the internet.

It brings any internet posts that carry yours or your company’s name, directly to the desk of our highly experienced legal team, and in real-time.
The material then undergoes an initial assessment and then if necessary, is acted upon.
We do this all for you with no hassle or inconvenience to you. Should the material posted be suspected to be harmful to your reputation we take swift action to contain the problem and often to make it completely  disappear.

Follow this link to learn more about the exclusive our reputation management tools.

We have solutions to almost all online reputation problems. Some of these solutions are fast, others take more time to implement. But what we are sure about is that you will get results (and more quickly), if you use people who are hugely experienced in this very delicate areas of law and business.

We are ready to take on your online reputation problem.

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Internet Lawyers: Are Website Hosts Responsible For Defamatory Comments Posted On Their Websites?
Once something defamatory is published against you or against your company, website operators become a crucial point of call in the search for who may be responsible for the original publication of the defamatory material, and also key to getting the article or site removed. There is therefore a very powerful argument to conclude that every website operator that has received a…..Read Full Blog on Internet Lawyer‘s Internet Law Experts Solicitors website
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Internet Law Experts: Who Can I Sue for Online Defamation?

Because under English law legal action is possible against all intervening persons who are responsible for repeating, publishing or otherwise circulating the defamation, Internet Service Providers such as Virgin Media, AOL or BT run the risk of being regarded as the publishers of libellous remarks, originated by another person, but published by them in one of their hosted websites or forums.

A person who has been defamed online may choose whether to sue the original defamer, or the repeat publisher, or both. In reality many would rather sue the party with the deepest pockets, usually the Internet Service Provider, rather than the original author who might be penniless. Internet Service Provider’s liability appears to be almost unlimited because the courts have so far rejected claims them that a defence of ‘innocent dissemination’ should be available to them because they have no effective control over the material they re-distribute.

The Defamation Act 1996 attempted to provide Internet Service Providers in the UK with an opportunity to limit their liability. However, this law turned out to be very confusing and unclear which means that Internet Service Providers in England are still extremely vulnerable to be sued for defamation. Furthermore, because in cases of internet defamation there is normally a choice of jurisdictions available to the aggrieved party it is very possible for the defamed person to choose to take legal action in a jurisdiction other than the UK, where the defamation law is less favourable to the Internet Service Providers.

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